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In the early years, Analypsis was a settlement of the former Community of Pefkoi. Its development began in 1956 in the area north of the beach.

Initially the settlement was built east of the port of Makry Gialos but due to the growth, it quickly joined with the settlement of Makry Gialos. Furthermore the area took the name of Makry Gialos and today forms the Municipality of Makry Gialos.

The main reason for the foundation and growth of the settlement was the opening of the road from Ierapetra to Sitia in 1956 and the cultivation of precocious horticultural since 1957.

In 1961 for the first time the area was reported in official documents as Analypsis and the 4th inventory department of Community of Pefkoi. In 1971-72 the development begun and the road network was improved. As a result tourists appeared and small cottages became rooms for rental by tourists, bungalows were built, shops and then the first big hotel which attracted more tourists.

At present permanent residents of Analypsis exceed 2000 while the summer months the population is increased by locals and tourists.

For accommodation, there are plenty of rented rooms, hotels, villas. Furthermore super markets, restaurants, cafes, car rental businesses are present and a lot of relevant shops that can cover visitors’ requirements.

In front of the settlement unfolds the clean and rewarded with the blue flag, sea of Lybikon with the beautiful and spectacular beach of Makry Gialos.

The sea and the sandy beach from the south, the panoramic and green mountains with beautiful slopes from the north, combined with the sun, fresh air of mountains and sea, make the settlement of Analypsis and Makry Gialos in ideal place for holidays.

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