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The association was founded on 4th November 1993 after a proposal of Mr. Michalis Michailidis. On 10th December 1993 was shaped the first provisional administrative council from the members:

Michalis Michailidis, Alekos Kassotakis, Antonino Maekeze, Nikolaos Latzanakis, Konstantinos Koynenidakis, Papadaki Katholiki, Michalis Eikospentakis.

From 1993 up to 2008 the following been have chairmen: Mich. Michailidis, Kentristakis Kon/nos (Priest), Latzanakis Ioan. Nikolaos, Aggelaki Koula, Eikospentakis Nikolaos, Latzanakis G Nikolaos, Metzogiannaki Nektaria.

Every two years new elections are carried out for the formation of a new administrative council.

Aim of association is to introduce and promote our region by means of cultural events, festivals, the folklore museum and taking part in cultural events of the municipality of Makry Gialos.

The current council which created the present web page consists of the following members:

Fronimaki - Eikospentaki Xrisoula
Eikospentakis M. Nikolaos
Michelaki Eleftheria
Rousakis Stergios
Eikospentakis I. Nikos
Manousakis Nikos Member
Staurakakis Kostas

The council would like to thanks for his valuable offer Mr Georgio Th. Kanabakis for the provided texts from the book that he wrote for the history and the region of Pefki.
(“Peyki Place and History”, Georgios Th. Kanabakis), Publication of Community of Pefki, July - August 1994)


Address: Pefki Village, Makri Gialos, Siteia Crete, Greece PC 72055

Email: info@pefkivillage.gr

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